Sweet Australia Day Poems | Best Top Australia Day Poems For Kids

By | January 23, 2018

Sweet Australia Day Poems | Best Top Australia Day Poems For Kids

Australia Day Facebook Profile Picture

Australia Day Facebook Profile Picture

Australia Day Poems

I guess you never notice

But I love this great big land

I love its sheer beauty

It’s so big and bloody grand


You have the Blue Mountains

And the Great Dividing Range

You have the Stirlings in the west

And the Flinders are so strange


And then there’s the Grampians

And the Hamersleys are there too

They’re so full of iron ore

The miners love them too


Then you have our rivers

The Murray comes to mind

A longer one I don’t think

You could ever find


Then you have the Avon

It runs so fast in flood

It only has a stony bottom

Cause it washed away the mud


Then you have our deserts

They’re all so hot and dry

You have to keep on waving

To keep away the flies


But when it rains out there

The wild flowers come to life

With all the colours of a rainbow

That stretch from sky to sky


It really is a wondrous place

This great big land of mine

From the mountains to the oceans

And all that’s bound in time


And you just know damn well

It’s the best you have ever seen

Because a better place there has never been.

– Dags

Sweet Australia Day Poems

A day for all Australians the Government leaders do say
And people in their green and gold colors on Australia Day
In the town park the citizen band does play
And the sun shining bright in the sky blue and gray
A day for all Australians to celebrate
Tonight in the pubs they will party till late
But some Australian Indigenous leaders with this does not agree
And their point of view on the matter is not hard to see
Since the first fleet arrived in Australia from England two hundred and twenty six years ago
That dispossession has been their lot happens to be so
Perhaps Australia Day should be shifted to another date
A day that indigenous and non indigenous Australians could celebrate
Until this happens Indigenous Australians with some justification can say
That the twenty sixth of January to them is Invasion Day.

Francis Duggan

Best Australia Day Poems For Kids

Tall towering gum trees blowing softly in the wind.

Rain that falls heavy causing the floods.

That’s all part of Australia. Its people are friendly, not cold.

The wind tells its stories of old, as it lifts the treetops and sways the reeds.

Farmers tilling the wheat fields planting their seeds.

Summer is gone and with it winter will be here again, gone are the dry winds and sun there will be the rains.

Day and month and years fly by so fast

Yet my country, wide rolling, fine and free will stand fast.

– Helen Tyler



I sit and dream of the Outback

A wondrous sight to see

To trek along those outback tracks

Far away from town and sea.


The starry nights, the wide blue sky

Purple ranges, glorious sunsets and white gum tree

Colours of Australia’s centre, just beautiful to the eye

From the top of Uluru, looks like a patchwork quilt to me.


Purple ranges, golden sunsets, glorious Kakadu

Australia’s outback – the centre Uluru

Red and white gum trees, beautiful sky of blue

Like patchwork quilt, made by me and you.

– Joy Major



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